How To Raise Your Consciousness

The last few days I have fallen into the trap of doubting in my writings. The wickedness of self doubt entered my mind while editing my book “The Secret Agenda of the Soul”. Over the last 5-6 years I have been writing about my findings of the connection between the senses, the feelings, the consciousness, the spirit and the soul of human beings. The hours of reading and research that has created this book has been intense, dedicated, enlightening and all-encompassing for me. I have looked around to see if anyone else had written about body, mind and spirit in this way, but to no avail.

I my book I am explaining how our senses extend far beyond the basic five – or six – which are usually referred to. In fact, I am listing twentyone senses which we have access to and which are all attributes of the spirit.

The spirit is part of the soul. Only a part of our total being incarnates here on Earth. Our spirit is on a path to learn and bring back the learning to build the soul – and share with other souls.

The senses is the language of the soul and the senses are what bring information into your field. Your field is your energy system which we know and describe as our aura, our thought field,  our chakras and our meridians, all of which is part of your consciousness and the elements which create feelings and thought. Our energy system communicates with the autonomic nervous system and the brain. The brain recreates the energetic signal and sends a chemical signal back into the body. We perceive this signal as a feeling. The feeling creates a thought. We act upon our thoughts and create our reality. All of this is an experiment for the soul to see how well it handles the challenges this brings.

This intricate system of connection is what I have written about, convinced that at least one human being will be inspired to live a better life and heal wounds by reading what I have found and written.

While editing the many pages I do my best to keep track as I go into such details as how each meridian works, or the layers of consciousness, to make sure the information is accessible and understandable and yet speaks to the soul. In the midst of this meaningful work, doubt enters my mind. Yesterday I read a little statement saying “Comparison is your worst enemy,” and I thought to myself, I am not so sure. I think “doubt” may be worse. I realized I had this little voice in my head questioning the accessibility of what I was writing and whether it was all too complicated to get across in an interesting way.

As the day went on and I stuck with my task I focused on observing my thoughts. Knowing that my thoughts create my reality, I wanted to change what I was thinking. This is perhaps one of the most difficult things to do, because the thoughts tend to live their own life and lash on to whatever enters the field which reminds consciousness of some past event or current belief. However, the observation of my thoughts created another reality. It was as if I could observe how each thought creates an alternate “truth” and when I was simply observing these truths I could see that they were all illusions tricking my mind into non-existent panoramas of possibility. Interesting.

My next thought(!) was that I was hypnotizing myself with every thought I was thinking.

Hypnosis is so interesting. As a certified hypnotherapist in life between lives spiritual regression I have worked with hundreds of souls reencountering their true exsistance through hypnosis techniques to the womb, past lives and life between lives. Most of these people had no prior experience with hypnosis – or at least they didn’t think so.

Perhaps I will explain more about hypnosis in another blog, but I do want to say – Hypnosis is one of the most misunderstood terms used for a very natural and simple state of mind.

Hypnosis is simply our brainwaves going slower. This happens randomly many times every hour of our lives, we are just not aware that we sift in and out of other realities all the time. And not least the thoughts we think while in this slightly altered alpha state are creating our reality.

Aristotle said: “We are what we repeatedly do.” I say, “What we do is based on what we think, so train let’s train our mind, so we can choose consciously what to do.”

When I write I often listen to, a free online radiostation from Mallorca, Spain which plays lounge music without interruption. The other day I heard a tune based on some of the techniques in guided meditation and hypnosis, and it caught my attention. I googled it and found the original version. I like it and decided to pass it on here on my blog… I give you both the original and the one they play on CafeCody. The text is also below.

When we step into the field of all with the same intention in mind, we can raise consciousness for this planet and thus for our selves.

Sit back, relax and Enjoy! (And if you have time to drop me a note, I would love to hear what you think of it )

Thinking of you who will be reading this and sending you thoughts of love and light,


Above is the rare ambient version of Sister Love, from the original 12″ released 1991 and below the text.

Individually, and collectively, we can raise the consciousness of the people of this planet, so that each of us will be viewed as members of the same family, who are here to claim their birthright of unconditional love and oneness. If we don’t do it, who will?

Relax. For is now time to cleanse your body of negative emotion of anger, fear, jealosy and hate. To accomplish this cleansing, the next breath that you take will increase the size of your body, actually expanding, from 3 to 6 inches, larger than it is right now. Expand your body out even further, maybe from 6 to 12 inches. Just let it expand in your mind and in your imagination. And now, to cleanse the body of negativity, experience that rising from the floor and moving out to this expanded consciousness of the body, is a viable transporting plane. And you can experience this finally getting to radiate, radiate, radiate out of the body. And wherever the plane moves, the negative emotions of anger, fear, jealosy and hate, are getting consumed and transfered, into the higher vibrations of love and unconditional acceptance. Higher in vibrations. Higher in vibrations. Higher, higher, radiate, radiate, radiate.

Allow the plane to dive down. Place your awareness in your heart, and visualize it as a great cathedral, with vast high ceilings, high walls, and long passage ways. Scroll along this halls, and see them permeated with the color pink, and I’ll return to you in one moment’s time.

Next, move your consciousness to your tyroid gland, and visualize it as a powerful generating station. Scroll through this station, taking note of the many outpumping motors, and see everything surrounded, with the vitality of a pink white, until next you hear my voice.

Place your consciousness in your penile, and experience there a throne, and you step upon the throne sustained by the loving colour coffee. And project this onto the planet, until you next hear my voice.

Now go back into the heart centre again. And when you arrive in the heart centre the colour now is gold. And the cathedral there is with a high, bolted ceiling and long passage ways. And as you scroll along the halls you will see them permeated with the color gold, until you next hear my voice.

Move your consciousness again to your tyroid glands, and visualize it as a powerful generating station. Scroll though this station, taking note of the many pumping motors you see, and everything will be vitalized by the color gold, until you next hear my voice.

Begin. Place your consciousness in your heart. Visualize it as a great cathedral. Scrolling along the hallways, you see them permeated with the color, royal blue, until you next hear my voice.
Now place your consciosness in your pituitary gland, and see there the earth and its many people, upon a medium proyective of beautiful, royal blue color. I’ll return in one moment’s time.
Now you’re moving your consciousness onto your penile, and there’s a throne, and you seat yourself upon the throne, sustained by the colour royal blue, and you project this colour to the people in the earth, and you raise your consciousness, and you also raise theirs. And you will stay in this higher level of consciousness, functioning normally and naturally, for an indefinite period of time, and you’ll be continually meditating, for this point. I am leaving you.

Caffe del Mare Vol. 1 is from 1994 and the one I heard on cafecody.