Golden Eggs  11 x 14 inches (28 x 36 cm). 2008. All rights reserved.



Ah! You found it. Great. A warm welcome. I am delighted to share my personalized portraits and inspirational pastel art with you. Enjoy reflection of soul from the New Golden Age. I am available to create personal artwork and facilitate soul studies with intuitive drawings and readings of your spirit in both color and words. I create artistic portraits of personal spirit guides, guardian angels or your spiritual connection with a loved one. Your higher self and spirit already speak to you. A channeled visual image with an accompanying interpretation may help you to become a better listener and heighten  your awareness of the unique being that is you. Now you can begin channeling communication from spirit, using and developing your own clairvoyant psychic abilities.  Perhaps you are drawn to my visionary paintings and wish to own an original. Feel free to let me know if you become inspired to commission a design project of your own. Please contact me at: Thank you!

May you love life and laughter.

30 seconds with samples of my autonomous and inspirational art.







I trust you will obtain permission for any use what so ever of anything at all on this website:


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