Grounding in Change


How long is ten years?

It depends how you look at it and what happened.

Time is a relative measure.

If you think ten years back, what does this time span hold?

Does it bring one big head line or are you led to many details all at once?

The last ten years I lived in the United States. In Arizona, the Grand Canyon State. The last ten years was very different to the rest of my life and to the moment of now.

I have moved back to Europe and ended up in my home land: Denmark.

It has been just as big a change as it was moving away.

In the beginning moving back was an eye opener, there was so much I had forgotten or let go of.  We settled in our new home in January and had to consider the weather. What and how much to wear. No more flip-flops, summer dresses, tank tops and shorts. Into wool, fleece and socks. From escaping the hot desert sun to putting wood on fire and short days of grey. Then of course the huge change in written as well as unwritten laws, the difference in opportunities, and the closeness to my circle of people here.

I have seen great value in their questions:

“How are you adapting to coming back?” “Can you cope with the weather?” “Do you miss the U.S.A.?” “Why did you move back?”

All these questions have helped me realize that I don’t really know. I am simply embracing my new life while looking back. I am not the same person as when I left Denmark and yet, my body remembers. All the cells of a human being is replaced over the course of 7 years. So literally, I am not the same. But my consciousness remembers and my body reacts to what I was and how I lived my life then, in my time before Reiki, a time consumed in the corporate world. A time that taught me so much and which I cherish and value every moment of.

So now there is a new me and an old me dancing a dance of discovery, inviting me to gracefully turn around and around and look at everything while capturing the dance floor step by step.


I have decided to dedicate this summer to grounding in this change and to rediscover myself in my “new” world on the beautiful island of Funen, the garden of Denmark as the famous Danish fairy tale author Hans Christian Andersen named it.

I am holding two images as inspiration. The view and surroundings of my hammock above and the wonderful photo of Audrey Hepburn below.

Look at the way she poses, grounding in nature, looking inwards with her eyes closed. Beautiful, isn’t it?


© Bob Willoughby, 2010, Courtesy of Taschens

The photographer said about her: “A forest creature who, before one’s eyes, could transform herself into a princess.”

I love that expression of transformation. It reminds me of the butterfly and it’s metamorphosis.


Today I discovered my own metamorphosis in the artwork below of me dancing my dance.

Actually I drew it last year, naming it “Dance”.

I love discovering in hind-sight; Knowing now that I knew then without knowing.

Dance June 13 small

“Dance” by Catherina Severin.  © 2013. All rights reserved.

And on the topic of my drawings, perhaps you have already found all the links to my pages on this blog about my art and about your opportunity to get a personal soul study or spirit guide portrait. I hope you will enjoy clicking around. There are many wonderful and inspiring spirits to get acquainted with.

Enjoy browsing.

Till next time… may you be blessed with love and light always.