Documentaries On Forbidden Cures

Here is a collection of three documentaries on currently “forbidden cures” for a variety of serious and even life threatening diseases.

I share the documentaries in support for those who don’t want to give in to the system and in the hope that one day we will be free to choose what kind of treatment we want. It will take some hours to watch all of the films, but personally I found it worth while, so perhaps you will too. Enjoy! xxC

Gravity and magnetic fields in healing – Keshe Foundation

The first 10-15 minutes are quite scientific and a little dry to get through, but essential to understand the many applications this application can be used for.

Here are some of the highlights of this interesting interview with Keshe – it is written in the order he speaks it:

  • The body is like a galaxy with magnetic and gravitational fields. By working with it in that context it can be brought back to its origin. That means it isn’t a cure but a reset of the body.
  • The method has been tested since 2004-5. In 2011 Keshe will be running 40 trails among others in Belgium, Holland and England.
  • One system can reset any body for any illness. And the system can be used not only medially but for food, energy, lifting and motion.
  • Space is full of viruses.
  • All diseases are magnetic field based.
  • Keshe can produce CO2 as a solid at room temperature. This is a new material.
  • The skin is made of amino acids, nitrogen, oxygen and carbon. We shouldn’t be solid, but we are because if you change parameters of gravity and magnetism you can change any matter.
  • Liquid CO2 is the basis for the nano state for non-wired next-generation computers.
  • Keshe has broken Einstein’s idea that we cannot go beyond speed of light.
  • When a magnetic and a gravitational field is created at the same time, you don’t need fuel.
  • The Earth rotates with 1600 km/hr. It rotates 100.000 times around the sun. The universe works at 1.000.000 km/hr.
  • E=mc2 only applies to Earth.
  • No one knows what is inside an electron. Keshe says an electron is plasma, like the inside of a proton, so this is plasma technology.
  • At 34:40 he explains how magnets work. North/north pushes away. North/south attracts and South/south only one magnet moves.
  • In the universe everything is spherical. He demonstrates how matter moves. If four magnetic rings are held together the three move if one moves. They have to find each other’s position. This can be used in medical applications. If the position of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and carbon is changed you can become ill.
  • With Keshe’s findings it is possible to repair neuro systems as in Multiple Sclerosis. MS only happens when carbon changes from conductor to resistant. (See Keshe’s website for more information.)
  • Vitamins and minerals are sorts of magnetic fields. It is possible to replicate them without them being solid.
  • Keshe’s system could remove the radiation from the Japanese atomic accident.
  • It can clear poisoning of water.
  • Cars wouldn’t need wheels.
  • In a jumbo jet you would be able to travel friction free and be invisible to radars.
  • Within the Earth’s field we can go Mac30+ which makes the present nuclear technology obsolete.
  • For Parkinson and stroke, as for MS, 80% of the damage is internal and comes slow. Yet with Keshes healing method everything is coming back. The patients can feel their organs, toes and can speak again. For Alzheimer and cancer similar recovery is seen.
  • Dark matter is transition matter.
  • The system can make water and avoid draught and starvation.
  • Keshe takes CO2 from the air and produces solid CO2.
  • At 1:12 he says that this proves the existence of a soul. We are part of a bigger structure. This universe is created as a split off of a bigger universe. We are part of “uni-cos” – universe of cosmos.
  • When Einstein said that light is energy it was nonsense. Light is plasma. There is light in principle matter.
  • The soul is like a ray of light we see from a star. The light participates to the structure of the universe.
  • The amino acid magnetic gravitational field let us see the light.
  • In the next 3-5 years we will be able to cross the sun.
  • In 10-15 years we can cross the universe.
  • The big bang is nonsense. It is plasma that splits.
  • The center of Earth is plasma.
  • If or when this technology becomes available the risk is it will be used for destruction.
  • Everything has consciousness.
  • Equality will come soon.


The forbidden cures – a documentary

This film presents several people who tried to help others with alternative cures but who were prohibited from sharing their knowledge and cures in the U.S.A. It gives an insight as to how difficult it is to work outside of big pharma and also presents several alternatives to medical treatment.

Rick Simpson Cancer Cure – Hemp oil channel

About hemp oil as medication for cancer and many other diseases and also a call to change the Canadian laws.

For some reason I can’t include the video here – but use this link and learn more: