It Is Here: December 21, 2012

Many have asked: “What will you be doing on December 21st?”
Actually I haven’t given it much thought. Even though the question has been repeated over and over, I have not felt called to do anything in particular. In fact, I scheduled a client for a spiritual regression a long time ago. This is probably the most appropriate way to be in alignment with Spirit and the non-physical matter reality on the day of solstice and new beginnings.

Eventually (December 17th), I put together a small meditation to use on the 21st when we enter solstice and move towards the light.


If you would like to raise consciousness towards the new Mayan timeframe and walk delibereately into the light all you have to do is find a quiet moment. Since time doesn’t exist in Spirit, it don’t think it matters when you do it, however, many meditations take place 11.11. GMT. When you are ready, sit comfortably, light a candle, perhaps play some quiet favorite music or just be in silence. If you have Reiki, place your hands on your self. Then read this aloud to your self and sit in the vision:

If you feel like changing words or adding more, feel free. Imagine you are in the light and that you are the light. Imagine that this is an invocation which will stay with you and that you will become conscious light. By being conscious you create the change.

I now let go of all the old.
I let go of grief and traumas.
I let go of the dark.
I embrace the unknown in front of me.
I step into a new time of light with confidence
As I step into the light, I become light
I am light.
This is where we all connect and become One.
I now bring this Oneness to Earth.
We are One. We are light.

And in Danish…

Jeg giver nu slip på alt det gamle.
Jeg slipper sorg og traumer.
Jeg slipper mørket.
Jeg omfavner alt det ukendte som ligger foran mig
Jeg træder tillidsfuldt ind i en ny lys tid.
I takt med at jeg går ind i lyset bliver jeg lyset
Jeg er lyset.
I lyset er vi alle forbundet og Eet.
Jeg henter nu denne enhed til Jorden.
Vi er eet. Vi er lys.

… I thought this was it for December 21st and didn’t give it anymore (conscious) awareness. But there was more…


The day before yesterday (December 18, 2012) was remarkable. I woke up with a dream. I dream often, but this was different:

I dreamed vividly of my father who passed earlier this year. In my dream he came towards me in the happiest way imaginable. He looked ever so good, much younger than when he passed. He was smiling at me, his reassuring, loving smile. His eyes were bright with life and light. He was impeccably dressed, as he was in life too. But he was wearing soft velvety pants in the brightest sunflower deep yellow, which I have never seen him wear in this life. It was as if he wanted me to notice the happiness this color brought. With it he had a camel colored cashmere V-neck sweater, the collar of a white shirt showed and he had a soft thick silk scarf around his neck  in white with gold colors in a pattern as you would see on old gold frames. He walked a few steps to a Jaguar E convertible (he had one of these when I was a child) and opened the passenger door to a young girl dressed in grey. At first I didn’t know the girl, but I then realized she was my father’s cousin’s daughter who committed suicide when she was in her twenties and I was still a child. Perhaps this was the first death in my family I heard about as a child.

In any case, the dream was so metaphoric on so many levels that when I woke up I stayed in bed and let the images settle vividly in my mind. It felt to good to see my father so happy. I know he wanted to show me his happiness and that he would come like this for to give me a message. So over the days to come my mind continued to revert to the dream and I decided to see what might come if I let the colors speak.


Yesterday (December 20th, 2012) turned out to be another remarkable day. In matter of minutes the face below manifested. First the deep yellow broad line across the paper. Then the yellow feather at the top. Then I saw the face and the eyes came…

As always with these portraits I don’t really know what I am drawing, where it is going or what the message is. I dowsed the name with a pendulum and got AKBAL. Have you ever heard that name? I hadn’t.


Click the image for a bigger version.


AKBAL is the Mayan Sun of the West. One of five Suns. Akbal is darkness before dawn. The keywords are: Dreams, Intuition and Abundance.

Akbal, knower of the night, keeper of the unconscious house, offers dreamtime as a lens for processing waking reality. behind the dorrs of your dreams are powerful symbols of selv, dancing in masks and metaphors. Akbal asks you to explore the symbols in your dreams. (…) Going deep within Akbal teaches you its greatest truth: what is contained in darkness holds the greatest potential for light.

Meditation: “I am the darkness that is the light and the stillness that is the dancing.” (T.S. Eliot)
Affirmation: “I pilgrimage deep within, to the santuary of selv, to garner the gifts awaiting me there.”

I am telling you, I was so surprised that I just sat there, jaw dropping and completely baffled. When I had collected myself, I started researching.

AKBAL (Ak’bal) is “Night”. Akbal lives by its instincts in the physical world. It is the informer and receives information and informs other suns of it discoveries. Akbal is represented by the chakra of the solar plexus (which is indeed the deep yellow!). Its element is Earth and its planet is Saturn. Akbal is a powerful yet conservative Sun that shows logic and organizational skills. It is symbolized by the dark inner reaches of the temple and is deep, thoughtful, and introspective. This sun exhibits good endurance and can work hard. Akbal’s challenges can be mental rigidity and problems with sharing. This sun does well by establishing secure foundations in whatever it does.

I searched to see what relation Akbal might have to this particular time on the Mayan calender and I found an interesting article from The Institute of Metaphysics:

“A good day to make a fire as the Sun rises and ask for renewal and resurrection here on the face of the Earth. (…) The Jaguar cycle that we are riding now brings a connection to the core of the Earth. Jaguar is the Lord of the night and Underworld. Jaguar is the warring sorcerer in the shaman’s field of battle for human hearts and souls. The Jaguar’s mirror-like golden eyes reflect the power of the sun who lets loose its “Nawales” across the Mountain-Plain as night falls on the face of the Earth. Within this Jaguar cycle, we are in the tenth 18 day cycle of 10-Akbal/Night. So on 6 December 2012 we reach the midpoint of 18 days of 10-Akbal/Night, the number 10 is all about the challenges that manifest and Akbal/Night is the recreation of unity and dampened worldly ambition.

On 16 December we start a new 18 days cycle of 11-Kan/Lizard/Seed, brings clarity and resolve for a time when sustenance naturally manifest and patience is rewarded. Kan/Lizard/Seed is the day of the “carrying net” into which the maize is harvested and brought down off the mountain. This is a day to give back with thanks. South is her direction and abundance is her destiny…….

On the 21st Dec 2012 it is 4-Ahau and we arrive at the summer/winter solstice and the Galactic astrological alignment of the 26000 years processional cycle. 4-Ahau is the 160th day of the 260 day Tzolkin and this day brings consciousness closest to the ration of the golden mean of 1.618 on the Tzolkin. The following day is 5-Imix and the start of the 9th Uinal of 20 days which “creates forward movement” in the process of the growth from seed to mature fruit. This sacred forward movement of Creation’s Divine Will is Quetzalcoatl or Christ consciousness energy. The message is that we are all Divine Universal Beings of Creation and nobody can take away our individuality.

We are one in Diversity. Everything is sacred because it is not separate. You are everything you see. What you do to life you are doing to yourself, so treat life how you want to be treated. Now is the time to become conscious and live with feeling. Your feelings come from the blood that circulates through your ancient heart and this connects you to all life, because the ancient heart is where all life has evolved from.

Here is the Day Keeping particulars for December 2012 (…)

Start of a new 13 day Trecena
Start of 13 days of innovative intellectual impulses

3- 1- Earth(Caban/Noj) 18th December 2012, East, Movement & Compassion
4- 2- Flint(Edznab/Tijax) 19th December 2012, North, Reflection & Strength
5- 3- Rainstorm(Cauac/Kawoq) 20th December 2012, West, Cleansing & Giving
6- 4- Light(Ahau/Jun-Ajpub) 21st December 2012, South, Patience & Expansion

Start of 9th Uinal of 20 day
Quetzalcoatl – God of light – 9=Creates forward movement – Turkey
20 days of 20 Aspects to Creation starts 22nd December 2012

8- 5- Alligator(Imix/Imox) 22nd December 2012, East, Water & Rejuvenate
9- 6- Wind(Ik/Iq) 23rd December 2012, North, Communicate & Change

Midpoint of 18 days

1- 7- Night(Akbal/Aqabal) 24th December 2012, West, Renewal & Resurrection

(see the article for more info; .)


So in short – the Jaguar cycle… I am sure you thought of it too… the colors of the drawing and my father’s vehicle – a Jaguar:


In the world of animal totems jaguar’s keyword is “Reclaiming one’s true power.”

The other thing to notice is that the next “Akbal Day” is December 24th. Now this is interesting because many of the ideas around December 21st makes a note of the three days to follow. Three days of change. The 21st is solstice. The 22nd is a time for integration, stillness and meditation. The 23rd is for letting go and moving on. And then we are at the 24th… Christmas eve where we all gather to celebrate Christ in whatever form it takes for each of us. This year it is in the energy of Akbal: renewal and resurrection.

So I wish you: “Merry Akbal, Merry Christmas, Merry New Beginnings.”


In the animal world Akbal is represented by the bat. Bat Medicine is about transition and rebirth. A Bat totem appearing in your life is a call for the end of a way of life and the beginning of another. You must face your greatest fears and get rid of the part of your life that no longer is needed. This transition is very frightening for many, but you will not grow spiritually until the old parts are gone. Face the darkness before you and you will find the light in rebirth.

If you are still with me; we have come full circle – we end at the beginning – my little message of a meditation for December 21st which is about moving into the light… I am excited to see what the following days will bring. If it continues like this there should be plenty for blogging during the days of Christmas.

Happy Soltice -till next time, thanks for reading.

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